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Dorm Doctors is your collegiate concierge, we are the extended hand of care that your students need.
Nine times out of 10 this is actually the service that you the parent needs. The statement is true you don’t know what you don’t know. Now that you know the issue, here is the solution to your headache, Dorm Doctors. 

Did you know that students usually donate or throw away most of their things at the end of the school year due to the hassle of having no storage space?

You've spent an alarming amount of time driving back and forth to make sure that his/her room is fully packed with all the "essentials"—gaming chair, futons, a slew of decorative pillows, and blankets included. By the end of the school year, their essentials have tripled due to impulse online shopping sprees. Before you take a three days' leave from work to start the moving process all over again, get in touch with the Dorm Doctors. We will cater to all your storage needs (impulse purchases too) without having to worry about unknown, dodgy movers getting close. With all of their belongings already in storage near their college, you won't have to worry about moving everything back to school each year after summer break.

Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, Dorm Doctors does it all.
Just tell us when and where. We’ll be there.
There’s nothing we haven’t seen.
We also were once eighteen.


  • Blue bags for laundry
  • Orange bags for dry cleaning
  • One pick up per week
  • Returned in 24 hours
  • Hypoallergenic detergent by request


  • We bring the cleaning products & supplies

  • Disinfectant Fogging, by request

  • Let us in or leave us a key

  • Schedule us bi-weekly or once per month


  • ALL packing supplies delivered

  • Pickup & delivery

  • Climate Controlled

  • Security Monitored

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