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Dorm Doctors is your collegiate concierge, we are the extended hand of care that your students need.
Nine times out of 10 this is actually the service that you the parent needs. The statement is true you don’t know what you don’t know. Now that you know the issue, here is the solution to your headache, Dorm Doctors. 

Did you know that your freshman student does his or her laundry once per month? It actually happens. The dorms are occupied by at least 800 other students. The on campus laundry facility has only 18 washers and dryer. OMG. She went to put her things in the dryer after the 32 minute wash. Can you believe she gets there 3 minutes after the cycle stopped, and someone took her things out, and set them on top of the dryer? Her $70 pair of Lulu Lemon leggings are missing. This has happened to her twice.

Did you forget you and 3 other parents are guarantors for their apartment? Every innuendo of Febreze commercial is correct. Your son joined a fraternity and his “brothers” are over all the time. They do things that boys do. They party, sleep, eat, play video games, and have messy rooms. Well, you visited for Parents Weekend and went to the apartment. It was unbelievable. So you called Dorm Doctors on your way back to the airport. He hadn’t cleaned the bathroom since the day he moved in. Heartbreaking you had no idea your sons would be so ”messy”.

Did you know everyone underestimates how many boxes and what size unit best suits their needs? You have 2 kids in college. One is an A student, the other… we’re “praying for.” When you moved them into the dorms in the Fall and bought them a mattress pad from Tulo. It’s excellent quality, why would you toss it away? You also purchased closet organizers, a futon, a gaming chair, not to mention all the hangers to complement the shopping addiction they have for sweaters and sneakers. When the semester was coming to an end, it finally hit you. You’ll have to take off of work for 2-3 days to help them move out. It’s going to be a pain in your neck. You remind them how grown up and independent they are, but you’ve don’t a bit of research and asked other parents in the Facebook group. Look what we have here.

Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, Dorm Doctors does it all.
Just tell us when and where. We’ll be there.
There’s nothing we haven’t seen.
We also were once eighteen.


  • Blue bags for laundry
  • Orange bags for dry cleaning
  • One pick up per week
  • Returned in 24 hours
  • Hypoallergenic detergent by request


  • We bring the cleaning products & supplies

  • Disinfectant Fogging, by request

  • Let us in or leave us a key

  • Schedule us bi-weekly or once per month


  • ALL packing supplies delivered

  • Pickup & delivery

  • Climate Controlled

  • Security Monitored

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