Dorm Doctors Helps College Students Navigate Challenges of on-Campus Living during COVID-19

Dorm Doctors, a Miami-based collegiate concierge service, has been making life easier for parents and students with laundry, cleaning and storage services since 2017. But in the wake of COVID-19, the company has become increasingly essential for the families that it serves.

Lauren Hillard, CEO of Dorm Doctors, says her company offers peace of mind to parents who worry about the safety of dormitory living. By providing housekeeping and laundry services for students, her company helps them to adhere to CDC guidelines while managing busy schools schedules.

“Typically, college students don’t maintain rigorous cleaning routines, and that makes parents nervous,” said Hillard. “It makes them feel more comfortable to know that we’re taking extra steps to help their students minimize the health risks of communal living during the pandemic.”

Dorm Doctors adheres to CDC guidelines for cleaning services, including using EPA-approved disinfectants. All staff members wear masks and additional PPE, and many of the services offered are contactless.

Hillard says she’s often asked for advice on how students and parents can better navigate the new normal of on-campus living. She says there are three primary tips that she most often shares with students.

  • Students should simplify dorm living by only bringing the essentials. The less you have, the easier it is to maintain a sterile environment.

  • Students should increase the frequency of their cleaning and laundry routines, including regularly laundering masks and face covers.

  • Students should avoid sharing laptops, remote controls and other devices, and frequently touched shared surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected daily.

Hillard says the most important piece of advice she can offer for parents is to have a plan in place in the event a student needs to vacate the dorms due to sickness or school closures.

“A lot of parents weren’t prepared when their students weren’t allowed to return to school after spring break,” said Hillard. “And when students were later given the opportunity to retrieve their things from the dorms, many weren’t able to travel back to campus and were scrambling to make arrangements.”

Hillard’s company has been able to alleviate the stress for families with moving, storage and shipping services. All services are available via a mobile app where students and parents can register, track and schedule appointments.

“It’s especially tough for parents and students this year with so many unknowns,” said Hillard. “Our goal is to be a trusted and reliable resource, especially for those students that are far away from home and need support.”

Dorm Doctors serves students at the University of Miami, George Washington University, Georgetown and University of Maryland. It is a division of Laundry 305, a full-service laundry, cleaning and moving company that caters to commercial and residential clients.