Does Your College Student Need Moving or Storage Services?

Moving and Storage Services for College and University Students in Miami and Washington D.C.

It’s that time of year where students terminate their lease and move on to ANOTHER residential community. We’ve seen students move into a different off-campus community every 9-months. A change of scenery is nice and necessary, but the stress of the actual move is always nerve wrecking when you (the parent) are coordinating efforts long distance.

That’s where we come in. You’ve done a bit of research and asked other parents in the Facebook group, and here we are. 

DORM DOCTORS Moving & Storage

You have 3 unique service options when it comes to ‘moving and storage.’

All off our service option come with:

  • packing supplies delivered to your door, 
  • basic insurance, 
  • pick-up and delivery to your desired address at a date/time of your choosing. 
  1. Pack + Stow 

You (we) pack it, we store, and delivery to your new address on a date/time of your choosing. 

  1. Pack + Move 

You (we) pack it, load into the truck, and unload (unpack) you at your new address. 

  1. Pack + Ship 

You pack, (we) pack, we coordinate delivery via Fedex to your preferred destination whether domestic or international. 

Just tell us when and where. We’ll be there.
There’s nothing we haven’t seen.
We’ll provide all your packing supplies and deliver them straight to your door.

Call for a quote today. If you are a parent and have no recollection of the items your student has, simply have him/her text (305)-707-4921 or email us ( photos of their room/house. With those photos, we can estimate your supply needs and calculate moving hours. 

In the subject line please include
1. Your name
2. Campus name, and
3. Preferred date of service.

If you’re an international student you may want to ship your belongings home. Perhaps you’re a graduating senior and want to ship your one-bedroom apartment to a new city because the furniture you purchased is valuable and of good quality to you. Inquire with us on interstate relocation quote, we will coordinate the move with one of our preferred vendors. 

There’s always an affordable solution. 

Call or Text 305-707-4921 or email us for a quote at For general information on our other service you may direct your inquiry to