Dorm Doctors Featured on NBC 6 in Miami

Dorm Doctors CEO Lauren Hillard was recently featured on NBC 6 in Miami. Get the key takeaways from her interview. 

Q: As students head back to school, what’s the climate on campus?

A: Students are mostly excited to be returning to campus, but many have also expressed that they’re anxious about being exposed to COVID-19.

Q: What are some of the biggest concerns that parents and students have as they had back to campus during COVID?

A: Universities are doing their part to make sure common areas on campus are disinfected regularly. But some students worry that their roommates won’t take health and safety protocols seriously, and put them at risk. 

Q: What is the CDC recommending to help students keep their dorms safe and sanitary?

A: The CDC is recommending that all shared areas, including dorm rooms, be cleaned frequently with EPA-registered disinfectants. Students should avoid sharing items with other students, but if they must, those items need to be disinfected first.

Q: How is Dorm Doctors helping students to navigate the pandemic?

A: Maintaining a college schedule and also maintaining a rigorous cleaning and laundry schedule can be a challenge. We’re stepping in to lighten the load for students, and also give parents some peace of mind by helping their students maintain a safe and clean environment. 

Q: How has COVID changed the way you do business?

A: The protocols that the CDC has in place for housekeeping and laundry services have always been our practice. However, the pandemic has led to an increase in demand for services, not just among college students, but also other residential and commercial clients as well. 

Q: What tips can you give students and parents who have health and safety concerns around COVID?

A: Two of the most important things students can do on a daily basis are to wipe down shared surfaces often and wash their reusable masks after each use. I’m also encouraging parents to have a Plan B in the event that students have to abruptly vacate the dorms in the next few months. Dorm Doctors is helping parents identify moving, shipping and storage options now so that in the event schools close early, they are not having to scramble like so many families had to do earlier in the year.