Relocation & Storage Services

Every student has different storage needs

Some students are minimalist and only need a few bins of storage. Most are average “hoarders.” Then we have the handful of students who collect hoodies, gym shorts and sneakers.

If you’re an international student you may want to ship you belongings home. Perhaps you’re a graduating senior and want to ship your one bedroom apartment to a new city because the furniture you purchased is valuable and of good quality to you. Inquire with us on interstate relocation quote.

You trust us, and we trust Fedex!

What Can I Store?

Anything that’s not flammable, a firearm or ammunition, perishables, live plants, animals and humans (like cadavers, duh, leave those in the medical school).

Ship in Box

Store in Bin

How Service Works

Supplies Delivered

Right to your door, everything you need for storage packing or shipping. International and domestic parcel shipping available. Call for more information.

Pick Up & Storage

The time you select is the time we arrive. No 3-hour wait periods with us. We will be in and out quickly. Don’t worry every box and bag will be accurately labeled with your contact info and plan details.


Be sure to schedule a move-in cleaning before we arrive with your stored goods. We will launder your clothes and linens before it’s returned to you. Let’s keep it fresh.

Pack + Stow

  • As low as $79.95 per month.

Pack + Move

  • Please contact us for best price.

Pack + Ship

  • Please contact us for best price.

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

We will be picking up 7 days a week during peak move out times, which are generally the week of finals and one week after that

You should call us immediately. That way we can move you on the schedule and find a timeframe if possible.

We will try to accommodate as best as possible. We understand things come up especially around finals time while also tasking your move-out. Give us a call or send us a text with your soonest availability and we will do our best to squeeze you in.

You can change pickup times within 48 hours. Although, we cannot guarantee a time if adjusted with such late notice, we will do our very best to accommodate you.

If you schedule one day in advance there is a $50 fee. The time frame for pick up at your preference may be unavailable; however, we are very quick during pick ups and drop offs, so we can likely fit you in the schedule.

If you think you need to schedule two separate storage pick ups, we suggest postponing you first pick up date so we can collect everything at once. If indeed two pick up are necessary a $25 fee will apply to the second pick up.

Yes, of course. Once you access your account and choose a storage plan option, you may then select a date and time to have your packing supplies delivered to you. Your packing supplies will vary depending on the plan you choose.

The best thing we offer in our storage service is the freedom of time. You may enter your account profile and choose a date and time that best suits your needs. First come first serve of course, but nonetheless, whichever time frame you select, trust we will be there at that specific time.

That’s a great question. You should schedule your delivery 7 days in advance of your desired drop off date. Keep in mind a 30-minute window deliveries and order is based on first come first serve basis.

Because of University restrictions, there are certain black out days where we cannot schedule deliveries. Our website will not allow you to schedule a delivery on those days, and our phone rep’s are familiar with all the days for a given campus.

There is a $50 charge if a customer misses their delivery. We recommend that you do not schedule delivery on the day you are flying in because of how common flight delays are.

We’re not like those other storage services. We understand the variety of reason last-minute changes can happen. We prefer that you call us directly or send us a text message for the quickest response on this last-minute change. The local manager will be contacted to see if the last-minute delivery is feasible. If a delivery is scheduled less than 48 hours beforehand there is an additional $25 fee. We cannot guarantee availability on last minute scheduling requests.

Yes, we will. We will pick up items from your home and ship them wherever you ask us. We use Fedex and the price depends on the size and weight and destination of your items. You just schedule a ‘typical’ storage pickup with us. Print and place our shipping barcodes on your boxes instead of our storage barcodes. To print the barcodes simply go to the My Storage page on this website and click the Print Barcodes button, then select ‘Shipping’ from the pull-down menu. The cost of our shipping items is whatever Fedex charges for the shipping plus a 15% handling fee. The handling fee does not include packing; If you need us to pack items for you, upload to your app images of your closets for a quote.

You haul it in, we haul it away. Schedule your move today!